BRIAN GLOVER—Thought Wrangler, Creative Communication Expert.
Hands-on, leading by design, pulling beauty out of chaos.

Art Direction

Brian Glover has a BFA in communication design from one of Americas top design schools and has been working in creative marketing for +30 years. Making customer-centric designs that are easy to use and understand, that carry a clear brand message, and leave both the brand and buyer informed and engaged.

Graphic Design

20 years as lead design production in Agency studios for print and digital creation and prep for release. He's worked exclusively for Pharma for 15 years and is extremely familiar with FDA, legal and medical review committee process and fair balance. This knowledge saves many hours of back-and-forth as he know's the regulations for and the mechanics of apps, brochures, websites, banners, emails and video.

Need cutting-edge, multi-channel brand messaging?

He can de-couple you from your problems with expensive ad agencies and use your brand campaign strategies (with/without your agency of record) to spark new derivatives that keep the fresh messaging flowing. Strong industry reach for extended services as needed too! Have an upcoming project? He'd love to collaborate with you. 

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