Developing a highly efficient digital workflows for routing, artworking, translating and delivery of production materials. Set up best practices and trained print and digital production staff for continuous improvement process. Develop, test, train and transition entire company to a new shop floor, timekeeping, inventory management, sales and billing software. Provide senior management with tools to track accurate budgets, timelines, estimate vs. actual sales, AP/AR with clients and vendors. Ensure metrics for materials and labor are always traceable to correct revenue streams of the company. Talents include: department and services mergers, implementation of a digital project management systems, creation and retention of process and best practices for all aspects of workflow and quality control meeting corporate expectations.

Project Management; Task and Progress Analysis

Cost-Based Estimating; Job Estimating Calculators

Project Management; Time and Resources

Price List Quoting; Rate Cards & Production Hrs.

Asset Management; Inventory Control & Billing

Process Improvement; Workflow and Best Practices

Using Format